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The Future of the Automotive Dealership

Where the industry is going, and how to help your dealerships survive Hosted by Stefan Kolle


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November 19th 12:00-13:00


Changes in society, technology and business model are threatening OEMs and dealerships alike, to the point that in some countries 45% of the dealerships are expected to close in the next few years.  

Yet, most OEMs, importers and dealership networks are not equipped to handle this change.  

In this webinar, we’ll share our findings, as well as a way forward, both for the short and the long term. Key topics include:  

  • A summary of the threats your network is facing 
  • The 10 potential business models that provide a future for dealerships 
  • The Dealer CX Experience Scan: a quick strategic project to decide on the future of your network. 
  • The Retail 360 assessment of your dealer network based on mystery shopping, customer survey, and financial data analysis.
  • Help your dealers reduce lost sales and increase closing rates by matching Car Buyers and Sales Staff Personas

Host: Stefan Kolle Managing Director Futurelab

Stefan helps driving customer experience programs for leading brands all over Europe for 15 years. He has worked with Toyota, Lexus, Mercedes & Volkswagen to help them become more customer centric.  


People love listening to his real-world stories on ‘what works’ and ‘how to make it work’. Stefan can bring you profit opportunities, practical ideas and concepts that allow you to create a great customer experience, differentiate your business in the marketplace, and make your customers more loyal, happier, and more likely to recommend you.  


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November 19th 12:00-13:00